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DebtSMART is a browser based debt recovery solution designed specifically for the debt recovery and debt management industries. Whether you are a single person operation or have hundreds of users DebtSMART is a scalable product developed locally.

Using Microsoft SQL server for data storage and business logic DebtSMART is presented to users through any number of popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Anyone who has access to a browser (and the appropriate login details) can access DebtSMART irrespective of the operating system of their device or its specifications - this usually means no new hardware investment*

Some of the functions and features that come standard with all DebtSMART installations include:

  • User definable multi-step actions

  • User definable multi-step workflows enabling decision making according to business rules

  • Variable charging mechanism for individual clients - no user decision making

  • Create your own documents in Microsoft Word, attached them to actions and print anywhere**

  • Part payment/arrangement management

  • Attach documents to debtor files (eg; PDF, DOC, JPEG, WAV)

  • Debtor address and phone history recorded

  • Full training so you have an in-house "expert"

  • User definable menus based on security hierarchy

  • Multi-office access

  • User definable reporting using Microsoft Reporting Services

  • Email documents from within DebtSMART

  • Batch account load facility

  • Banking and trust accounting

  • All outward debtor correspondence can be saved

  • many more....

Optional add-on available is the FIELD WORK portal allowing you to manage process serving and field visits by your agents and letting them access the application via a mobile device to update outcomes in real time.

Would you like to discuss DebtSMART further or get an estimate of the implementation cost - send an email to

*Microsoft SQL requires a computer running Windows Server that will be sufficient to manage the workload of the users - this can be discussed as to exact requirements.

**Printer must be connected to the network that runs DebtSMART

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